Layer Seven: New Paradigm

Layer 7 introduces the New Paradigm token.
The New Paradigm token is switching to an infinite supply, with deflationary tokenomics fueled by fees from our liquidity platform, partnerships, bridges, mmo games, stakable nfts, and nft marketplaces.
All past layer tokens will be stakable for a share of the New Paradigm token infinite supply.
New Paradigm token supply will be distributed to Stakers of the corresponding layers as follows:
8% - Star
5% - Arcturian
5% - Pleiades
5% - Mars Games
5% - Atlantis [50% to NFTs]
5% - DAO fund
67%- New Paradigm Token holders and liquidity providers on our exchanges/bridges.
Production rate of New Paradigm Tokens will be set in a variable range between -20% to +50% of the amount of tokens being burned through the ecosystem. The range will change to help stabilize the price of New Paradigm Tokens on the market to reduce and mitigate large crashes and large spikes in value.