Providing Liquidity for Partners

We will offer the service of providing liquidity for starting blockchain projects that are supporting the New Paradigm.
Depending on how the project scores in our Atlantis Index, we will provide 4x, 5x or 6x liquidity service. So, a 10,000 USD project can obtain up to 60,000 USD in liquidity.
For example, project A purchases the 100,000 USD Liquidity package. They provide 100,000 USDC for service as well as $300,000 in their native token. They are then matched with $300,000 in Atlantis tokens giving them $600,000 in liquidity. Typically liquidity provided this way is permanent, but pools can be removed upon request with native tokens returning to the project owner.
Projects that purchase our liquidity service also benefit from our automated buyback service.