Automated Buyback Service

Projects that choose liquidity with the Starseed exchange benefit from between 0.01%-0.07% of all liquidity swaps going towards buying and burning (or freezing) their token.
This buy and burn program can be configured to happen instantly, or funds can be reserved to make automatic purchases when the tokens value hits a certain amount that is configurable by the token owner. This can be used to establish a bottom floor for tokens on our exchange.
0.01% buy and burn is automatically awarded to all new tokens using our exchange.
0.03% buy and burn is awarded to partners that purchase the $10,000 or higher liquidity packages.
0.04% is awarded for $30,000 or higher
0.05% is awarded for $50,000 or higher
0.06% is awarded for $70,000 or higher
0.07% is awarded for $100,000 or higher
A higher tier may also be awarded by select partners as per the discretion of the Starseed DAO.