Layer Five: Atlantis

Layer five introduces the Atlantis token.
5M Distribution Cap
In this layer we will launch the following features
affiliate program, with a total of 3% paid to the affiliate network.
First tier 1.5% awarded Second tier 1% awarded Third tier 0.5% awarded
2. permanent auto-compounding pools for Atlantis tokens through partnerships with other Defi platforms and partnered paradigm shift projects. Similar to and their partnerships with DFYN and AVAX.
Auto compounding pools will take a 3% fee on auto compounded ga
3. An NFT series that comes with permanent dividends of Atlantis tokens (and in the future, New Paradigm Tokens). 3M Atlantis Tokens worth of NFTs will be released. Some of the NFTs will also be usable in the Mars game in addition to granting interest.
4. A NFT driven “City Builder” MMO game. Random NFT packs, limited series NFTs, bonuses for completing collections, NFT levels. Real Time Strategy. PVE and PVP. 5. Liquidity providing, automated buyback, and staking/farming incentivization services for new tokens. 6. Leveraging service for partnered tokens similar to QiDAO.