Heroes & Monsters

Heroes have the Following Stats
EXP: Experience points, which affect the units Level. Each level requires two times the experience of the last. 3% of total experience is lost upon death for Heroes.
Level. 1-100: Acts as a multiplier to most other stats. Each of the first 10 levels adds a stacking 10% multiplier to the player’s base stats. Each 10 Levels after depreciate from there starting at 9% per level and going down to 3% per level. Units are awarded 3% of the experience held by the units they destroy.
HP: Health Points.
PP: Potential Points, on a 1-100 scale, reflects how quickly this unit will grow through both experience and training. A hero with 100 PP will grow 10 times as fast as a hero with 1PP.
RP: Rest Time, scale of 1-10,000, reflects how long the Hero must rest between deaths. This number goes up with every death and every level.
MP: Movement Speed. Number of squares the unit can move per block when not in combat.
H: Haste. Affects the number of actions the unit can take per block while in combat.
PA: Physical Attack. Additive and Multiplicative bonus to physical techniques.
IA: Interdimensional Attack. Additive and Multiplicative bonus to Interdimensional techniques.
PD: Physical Defense. Integer reduction to incoming physical techniques.
ID: Interdimensional Defense. Integer reduction to incoming Interdimensional techniques
A: Accuracy.
D: Dodge.
PR: Physical Resistance. Percentage based reduction to incoming physical techniques
IR: Integral Resistance. Percentage based reduction to incoming physical techniques.
EA: Elemental Alignment. Integer and Percentage addition to corresponding elemental techniques when attacking, reduction to incoming elemental techniques of the same type. 5 Elements: Water > Fire > Wind > Earth> Lightning. Gaining two points in one element reduces a single point in the element weak to that element. IE two points of fire potency will result in minus one Wind Potency.
R: Regen. Affects the amount of HP that is automatically healed each block.
WM: Weapons Mastery. 1-100 scale. For all kinds of combat equipable relics each combat unit has a score with how adept the unit is with using that type of combat relic. A unit with 100 score will receive 5 times the benefit with relics of that type compared to a unit with a 1 score.