Conquer the Multiverse

Conquer the Multiverse is a 2D Real Time Strategy Massive Multiplayer Online Game wherein all player owned objects are Tradeable NFTs. The rarest class of NFT’s award a percentage of income from the Starseed Exchange Platform.
The game starts with an introduction into being an immortal martian demigod whose sole purpose is to invade wild chaotic realms and “civilize them”. The Player may open up permanent gateways to both PVE and PVP realms to fight over resource streams.
The player’s main objects classes are:
Relics: Affect the player’s ability to open gateways, to obtain and train Heroes and Monsters.
Heroes: Reincarnating Units that are restored after a resting period upon death when conquering the realms.
Monsters: Single use units that are permanently lost upon death.