Layer Four: Mars

Layer four introduces the Mars token.
3M Distribution Cap
In this layer we will release a 2D PVP/PVE MMO Strategy RPG combat game with Mars tokens being frozen to play the game and awarded to winners of the game.
The game will run entirely on trade-able nfts. A bunch of NFTs. Some NFTs will come with a portion of rewards from the Mars Game. The game will freeze 12% of all Mars spent on in-game purchases, and the remaining 88% will be recirculated as prizes to gamers. NFT purchases on this layer will be fixed to a dollar standard so the games remain accessible to everyone.
Once the 7th layer launches, Mars games will accept either Mars or New Paradigm tokens for payment (when someone pays with new Paradigm tokens they are automatically swapped to Mars). Also, during the 7th layer launch, 9% of game fees will be used to buy and burn New Paradigm tokens while 3% of fees buy and freeze Mars.