Layer Two: Arcturian

In this layer we will release multi-chain AMM aggregation functionalities. By using both the 0x and Opulous system protocols to access liquidity across the vast majority of major DEXs and CEXs. Similar to the 1inch network, with one two major differences; 1. Our exchange will offer an innovative feature not seen anywhere else; the capacity to trade different kinds of tokens cross chain (at the very best rates possible). 2. By accessing both 0X and Opulous we will have access to numerous centralized exchanges that the 0x and 1inch networks do not have access to. Quite often the best rates are found on CEXs due to the constantly stacking fees that come with AMM DEXs and bridges. Furthermore using our platform will award users with bonus tokens that can be redeemed in the StarSeeds Command MMO game. Get the best exchange rates on the internet and get paid to do it. Who could ask for more?