Planets are a mechanism that financially incentivizes our Platform Users to hold and auto-compound a portion of their STAR earnings. Users can stake Star and one Fleet to each planet. Star staked can never be removed. Star Staked is automatically placed into the latest “Star Interdimensional Rift”. Returns from the Rift are split between the planet (to then be automatically reinvested into the latest Rift) and the User. Depending on Tier, Planets give an extra % bonus to the rewards from the Interdimensional Rifts. Return from the Interdimensional Rift also accounts for the Total Star Power of all StarShips Docked. Planets produce “Upgrade Power” that is distributed to the docked Fleet. Upgrade Power is relative to Star staked to the Planet and the planet's Power Efficiency Rate. If there is no StarShip then the Upgrade Power is lost (Upgrade power is never stored by the Planet). Upgrade power is evenly distributed to each StarShip if several are docked. Energy Density: (Percentage of Star from Interdimensional Rifts that is reinvested into the planet) Star Power Multiplier (Percentage of Extra Return from Interdimensional Rifts) Power Efficiency: (This number times Star divided by 10 = Upgrade Power Generated Per Day) Converted Astroid Colony Energy Density: 10% Star Power Multiplier: 20% Power Efficiency: 0.5 Cost: 3 Star Total sold: 1,000 Automated Colony Energy Density: 20% Star Power Multiplier: 30% Power Efficiency: 1 Cost: 7 Total Sold: 330 Arcturian Colony Energy Density: 35% Star Power Multiplier: 60% Power Efficiency: 1.5 Cost: 22 Total Sold: 220 Atlantian Colony Energy Density: 50% Star Power Multiplier: 100% Power Efficiency: 2.2 Cost: 33 Total Sold: 110 Colony Planets also come with Founders Edition. Founders Edition version offers extra 10% Star Power Multiplier and Power Efficiency. First 10 Atlantean Colonies First 20 Arcturian Colonies First 30 Automated Colonies
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