Platform Features

The StarSeed Platform features 7 currencies, each representing one of 7 layers of our Defi and Game Ecosystem products.
The first 6 currencies have a maximum supply that is being constantly reduced due to platform service fees buying and burning platform tokens. The 7th layer is a deflationary token model with growth directly proportionate to fees generated from the Platform.
To incentivize cryptocurrency traders to provide liquidity for the StarSeed Exchange, the majority of our Native Platform Tokens are being distributed via Gamified Defi Yield Farms. Since interest is distributed every block, the sooner buy our platform token, the higher your percentage of ownership of the platform.
Fees are scheduled to be generated from the following platform services -
Layer 1: 1/70 transfer fee: All transfers/trades/transactions have a 1/70th fee attached.
StarSeed Command MMO Space Video Game: Raise a fleet, expand your solar system. This Game features beautifully hand drawn, stunningly animated, extremely limited edition, level-able NFTs that generate dividends with real world value. Platform Fees are generated from the sale of Ships, Planets, and from playing the game.
Layer 2: Multi-Bridge & AMM Aggregator: Convert one token to another token, on the same chain or across chains, using the cheapest combination of AMMs and Bridges on the internet. Get paid for every trade you make~!
NFT Marketplace specializing in NFTs with economic benefits such as dividend distributions and service discounts.
Layer 3: AMM Services for New Tokens: Advertising, Liquidity, Automatic Purchase/Sell Orders, Staking Interest Distribution, and Token Leveraging Services.
Layer 4: Two additional Real Time Strategy MMO Games, Realms of Light and Conquer the Multiverse.
Layer 5: Order Book Style - Decentralized Exchange. Token Review and Listing Service for New and Existing Tokens. Token Charts. Clusters - Buy into one click non custodial portfolios of staked tokens
Layer 6: Plug and play Multi-Sig DAO Governance and token management/distribution software. From this layer forward the StarSeed Exchange Platform features will be driven by the StarSeed Community DAO.
Layer 7: Time will tell what features our users will vote for us to develop.